About Walt Marz



Walt Marz - Nature, Wildlife and Travel Photographer


When I was a kid with my first box camera, I would take pictures of what ever “turned me on”. Usually it was an animal, a bird, or something in the natural world.  Now, unless I’m on assignment, I still take these same types of pictures.  

EYES ON YOU:  Making eye “connections” with is my favorite type of wildlife photography. Like with people, it’ that sense of looking into the Windows of the Soul.  

WILDLIFE:  Animal life of all sorts.  

BIRDS:  A favorite subject anytime, anyplace. 

NATURESunrises, sunsets, storms, fogs, mists, along with those meditative moments of “watching the waves roll in”. PATHWAYS is a subset of this.

TRAVEL: Adventure, places, landscapes. PEOPLE is a subset of this. 

MACRO WORLD: Telephotos, closeups, of the plants and the little things in Nature, insects, etc.

GODS WORLD: There are times when I don’t now why a certain scene “grabs me”.  Sometimes I think it is just God telling me to “take the picture, already!”


Walt Marz combines his love of the outdoors with his love of travel in his photography. An avid fisherman and hunter since his youth, he now hunts only with a camera.

Walt’s travels, photo safaris and assignments, have enable him to see and photograph 20 states plus Alaska as well areas of China, Galapagos, Ecuador, Peruvian Amazon, Ireland, Mexico, East Africa, and some of Europe.

He is a WW2 Marine veteran and a graduate of Rutgers.   He has authored one book, “PHOTOS FROM MARZ” (ISBN# 1-4134-3537-8)